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June 19-22, 2014   7th Annual Chesapeake Meeting!  Training weekend and WD/X/Q   Contact:  Gerlinde Boross
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Chesapeake Meeting in Gutenbrunn / Austria ---- Thunder and lightning as well as cloudbursts were the starting signals for our Chessie-Meeting in Austria.  We did not let that put us to rout and started our training full of enthusiasm. One group started the training session with Jason Mayhew (from England) to do some waterside training and the other group trained land-based with Catharina and Kaj Lindström (from Sweden). After 1 ½ hours there was a break to give all participants – human and canine – a chance to rest. For the next training the groups were swapped. Training was done diligently using both game and dummies.

Most of the dogs were young and inexperienced Chessies.  They were passionate about doing the training. It was an easy and amicable cooperation for all of the participants and each and every one shot the breeze to support and share experience and knowledge in order to enhance knowledge for everyone.

The WD/WDX/WDQ was done on Saturday.  There were lots of participants gladly attending. A debriefing was done on Sunday , therefore enabling everyone to take back home some new routines for practicing.

The catering during these 3 days was exquisite – everyone knows that you cannot work well on an empty stomach!  Dinner was held at the Hotel Seewolf on Thursday, at the Mohnwirt on Friday and at the Bühnenwirtshaus on Saturday.  We visited the 1rst Austrian Whiskey distillery on Friday afternoon. There was a very interesting conducted tour and afterwards a delicious tasting of their products. Later on, we drove to the well-known Mohndorf (“Poppy village”). The local farmers market, which was opened especially for us at this time of day, had some gaping spaces afterwards…. There were mouth-watering poppy-schnaps (“liquor”) varieties, e.g. poppy-egg liqueur or poppy-red wine liqueur, alternating with superbly smelling skin creams and of course the Mohnzelten (a kind of muffin cookie with poppy inside) as well as Mohnstrudel (poppy strudel). All things considered: a joyful excursion.

As the weather persevered over the weekend – so did we. For me as the organizer it was a successful weekend.  I hope all participants could take some ideas home with regard to training and handling their dogs.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank all trainers and assistants for their efforts! Looking forward to meeting you all again next year at the Austrian Chessie Meeting 2015! 

Gerlinde Boross, ACC RD Austria

6-21-14   WD Stake - two dogs passed the WD   -   Judges:  Jason Mayhew, England and Catharina Lindstrom, Sweden
Owner:  Angela Hanicke, Germany         Chessfriends' Anna Amalia   female
Owner:  Michal Straka, Czech Republic   CH Benjamin Bert from Hofion  male