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Chesapeake Events Around the Globe  -  Denmark

RD Report  for WDXQ Stake in Askeby, Denmark - 24th of July, 2016 

On July 22-24 we had a Chesapeake gathering in Denmark including a WDXQ test on the 24th. Friday started with some light training with Janet Morris (kennel Penrose) and with Nelly Stevens as a helping instructor. Nelly was doing her 2nd student job as a WDXQ judge. In the evening Janet Morris had a seminar presenting the Chesapeake and we had 35 people from 7 nations!!!! That is impressing!! 

Saturday we had more training at Gitte Mortensens place (Kennel Holckenhus) with Janet, Nelly and also Kerrie Tatarka from USA and also explaining and demonstrated the next days WDXQ test for all the handlers. 

We had a lovely lunch with Danish sausages... they are really good).. and Gitte had also made a wonderful cake for the coffee. Saturday evening it was time for some games and play in the field... and a "strict referee" Søren Sørensen found his winner amongst the wet competitors....  

Sunday morning arrived with nice sunny weather and a nice breeze.... Judges for the WDXQ test was Janet Morris, Wales and Bjarne Sørensen, Denmark with Nelly Stevens from Germany as a student judge. The ground belongs to Møn Hunting Club and it was a very nice area for the stake exept for the water work in WDQ. The pond was good for the WD and WDX, but a bit small for the tripple mark and water blind in WDQ. We finnished the land work on WDQ and then moved to a place called Lindebjerg Grusgrav were it is water suitable for the WDQ. It is located only 2 km away from the land ground. Here we had the water blind and the triple mark. Best dog of the WDXQ test was Waterlover Honda  Owner; Mia Bagger Sweden. 

We had a wonderful week end with "true Chesapeake people" and next year's planning has already started. Overall a successful week end for Chesapeake friends from 7 countries- Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Great Brittain and USA.           Bjarne Sørensen, RD Denmark 

WD   12 starters, 6 Pass
Cool Water´s Purling Oakleaf - Thora Eichblatt, Germany

Waterlover Humlan Hilda - Mia Bagger, Sweden

Cheslabben Quite Light - Nicole Viesel, Germany
Holckenhus´ Kingmaker - Gitte Mortensen og Bjarne Rønnow, Denmark

Aquamanda´s Mio min Mio - Bosse Lindberg / Lena Riddarström Sweden

Ch Cheslabben Vaquero - Emma Birkegaard, Sweden

12 starters, 3 pass
Crosswind Did it again - Helen Meuser Germany

Holckenhus Halfcrown WD - Ove Poulsen Denmark

Waterlover Honda - Mia Bagger, Sweden 

WDQ  5 starters, 5 pass
Crosswind Did it again - Helen Meuser Germany

Chesdale Braveheart
Rose WD - Chantal Dorten, Germany
Waterlover Honda - Mia Bagger, Sweden

Cheslabben Peake Energy WDX - Ole Kristian og Ann Lisbeth Skodde, Norway
Penrose Oceanna WDX - Ove Gregersen, Denmark