American Chesapeake Club's Affiliated Regional Club Guidelines



  1. To foster cooperation between ACC and Regional Chesapeake Bay Retriever Clubs, and to encourage Regional Clubs to affiliate with ACC.
  2. To acknowledge our common purposes: educate, protect and promote Chesapeake Bay Retrievers in all AKC and related activities and to maintain the integrity and multi-purpose aspect of the breed.


  1. ACC-affiliated clubs agree to support the "Specific Purposes" in the ACC Bylaws and recognize that ACC is responsible for maintaining the definition of the breed standard.
  2. ACC-affiliated clubs must be AKC accredited or licensed, or be organized as per AKC guidelines and actively pursuing AKC accreditation or licensing.
  3. When seeking ACC-affiliation, regional club shall submit an application requesting affiliation, their club Bylaws, Code of Ethics (if applicable), and list of current Officers and Directors (to include addresses and contact info.). Updated Officer and Director list shall be re-submitted annually, after election.
  4. Application/date approval for ACC-affiliate regional club specialty should be submitted to the ACC Regional Club Coordinator (as designated by the ACC Board), preferably no less than 9 months prior to the proposed show date. In addition, any other major event dates should be coordinated with ACC to avoid conflicts.



  1. ACC shall appoint an ACC Affiliated Regional Club Coordinator to liaise with affiliated regional clubs (need not be a Board member) or designate the ACC Secretary to be the affiliate club contact.
  2. Foster inter-club communications, including but not limited to the following methods:
  1. ACC Bulletin - affiliate clubs are encouraged to send event information to the Bulletin Calendar; and report on their events w/ articles (not to exceed one page).
  2. ACC Directory and website will list names/contact information for affiliated clubs.
  3. Affiliate clubs may (within reason) reprint articles of interest from ACC Bulletin in their newsletters or at club website.
  4. Coordinate dissemination of information on health, rescue and education issues
  1. Encourage joint participation and/or co-sponsorship of events (supported shows, hunt tests, WD/X/Q, obedience matches, health clinics, etc.) when practical. Affiliate clubs, area ACC members and ACC Regional Directors are encouraged to work together.


  1. Applications to co-sponsor events shall include a proposal of how to share costs/distribution of funds/profits/losses, and will be considered on a case by case basis by the regional club liaison or appropriate ACC committee.
  2. Any affiliate club wishing to host an ACC National Specialty (Field or Show) will agree to keep all accounting separate from that of the regional affiliate club and must follow the ACC Event Guidelines and ACC Financial Policy for Events. The Event Chairperson and Treasurer must meet the requirements to hold those positions as set forth in the ACC Show Manual.
  3. Event insurance coverage will be the responsibility of the Affiliated Regional Club. For ACC co-sponsored events ACC insurance coverage may apply. Regional Club should contact the ACC treasurer for information on ACC insurance.