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(WI) CH CUR-SAN'S DIVIDEND MH- Cash OFA CB-9845E, EL CB-1885 normal, CERF CB-35940/11, PRA-A by parentage, DM Clear, EIC Clear (Red Sky's Shoulda Been A Cowboy SH x CH Cur-San's Sport'n The Hope)   Contact: Sandy Dollar.  W1121 Dover Road , Neshkoro, WI  54960  Email:  Website: Cur-San's Kennel  Phone: (920) 479-0772 (exp. 12/18)

(NC) HIGH TIDE NOR'EASTER MH OFA Good #10561G27M-VPI, EL normal CB-EL2438M27-VPI, DM normal CB-DM 1453/1MP1, CERF normal, PRA EIC normal by parentage (Rippling Waters HB Gusto JH x Rippling Waters Shore Bird MH  Brucellosis test required for natural breeding to eligible bitches. Frozen semen available.  Contact: Mary and Sidney Williams.   214 Becky's Creek Rd , Hampstead, NC   28443  Email:  Phone: (910) 329-1770 (exp. 07/18)

(MN) HRCH OAKPONDS TURBOCHARGER MH OFA Hips Excellent CB-10066E24M-VPI, EL-2039M24-VPI Normal, CB-EYE77/55M-VPI normal, CB-DM1683/25M-VPI Clear, PRA Clear, EIC Clear (DK's Viking Warrior x DK's Can You Here Ne Know)  Neg. Brucellosis Required for natural breeding. Frozen Semen Available.  Contact: John Kolf. , MN  Email:  Phone: (507) 364-8987 or (507) 720-7886 (exp. 12/18)

(NC) CH DEL BRAVE A KNIGHT'S TALE MH WD OFA CB-9931G27M, CB-EL1938M27, CB-EYE263/56M, CARDIAC CB-CA207/44M, EIC CLEAR BY PARENTAGE, DM CLEAR BY PARENTAGE, PRA CARRIER, ED/SF-NORMAL (CH Meadowoods Home of the Brave UD MH AX WDQ** x Pond Hollow Tintagel)  Brucellosis test required for natural breeding. Chilled or frozen available. Alt. contact Kevin Shaffer (570) 428-3434  Contact: George Makatura..   7908 River Ridge Rd. , Wake Forest, NC  27597  Email:  Website: Del Brave Chesapeakes  Phone: (919) 308-2245 (exp. 04/18)

(FL) HRCH GCH RIPPLING WATERS JOCKAMO IPA MH WDQ OFA 10617 Good Hips, OFA2476 Normal Elbows, OFA235/26M/C-VPI heart, PRA95/10M-VPI normal, OFA EYE347, DM2080 normal, EIC normal,ED/SF clear, Long Coat normal (CH & HRCH Rippling Waters Purple Haze MH x CH & HR Rippling Waters Tinkin Around TD MH)  Fresh, Chilled, Frozen semen available. Brucellosis test required for live coverage.  Contact: Kathleen & Alan Luthy.  496 John King Rd Crestview, FL  32539  Email:  Phone: (850) 682-5701 (exp. 08/18)

(GA) U-GUJCH, U-HRCH,UH, U-CH** WHISKEY CREEK'S ON THE FLY MH TD CDX RA GN DM WDQ CGC   Brucellosis test required for eligible bitches/Natural breeding. Fresh, Chilled, frozen semen available.  Contact: Pat Trainor.  215 Meadow Trail , Cherry Log, GA   30522  Email:  Phone: (706) 455-0077 (exp. 02/18)

(NJ) SHR GCH ANATYPIA TOPWATER DOUBLE BARREL JH WD CA RATI CHIC# 101964 OFA Hips CB-10613G25M Good, EL CB-EL2472M25 Normal, EYE CB-EYE459/29M-2015 DNA CB-DNA-57/B DM CARRIER, EIC AND PRA NORMAL (CH Pond Hollow Continental Divide x CH Anatypia Willow You Be There)  Loveable boy whose affectionate and confident attitude comes thru in the puppies. Brucellosis Test required for natural breeding. Fresh chilled available upon request.  Contact: Ann Law.  6 Grant St. , Riverside, NJ  08075  Email:  Phone: (443) 252-0592 (exp. 04/18)

() (AK/MT/TX)LZY MTN PIPER`S REVENGE QA2 Rambo OFA Hips Good, Elbows normal, DM Clear/normal, EIC Clear, PRA Clear by parentage (DC/AFC Westwind`s Rudy of Nordais X CH Lzy Mtn Abbygale`s Creekside Piper QA2)   Fresh, Chilled and Frozen semen available. Brucellosis test required.  Contact: Jim Price. , .,    Email: Lazy Mountain Kennels  Phone: 307-760-9532 (exp. 05/18)

(NJ) CH CHESSIEVILLE BAY VIKING WARRIOR (Woodley) OFA CB-DNA-125/B, CB-10895G25M Hip “good”, CB-EL2718M25 “normal”, CB-Eye604/28M 05/06/16 “free" CB-DM1883/1M-PI “clear”, PRA, EDSF clear by parentage”(CH Pond Hollow Hurricane Ridge x GCH Pond Hollow More Joyful CGCA RA NA NAJ)   Chilled or frozen semen available. Brucellosis test required for natural breeding  Contact: Heike Frattalone.  30 Hilltop Road , Washington, NJ  07882  Email:  Website: Chessieville Bay  Phone: 908-399-9718 (exp. 07/18)

(NJ/OH) CH CAROWAY'S RUNNING BEAR CD JH CHIC #117624 Hips good OFA 11108G, EL normal, OFA Eye normal, DM normal DM2302, PRA and EIC clear by parentage(CH Cursan's Dividend MH x Caroway's Go Cubs Go MH)   Contact: Joan Berko.   , Bay Head, NJ/OH    Email:  Phone: 732-604-7444 (exp. 12/18)

(VA) POND HOLLOW NAME YOUR GAME II SH CGC (Rio) DNA# V 802683, OFA CB- 11090G24M -VPI, OFA CBEL2892M24 - VPI, OFA-CB PRA 97/1 MPI CLEAR, EIC CLEAR, DM CLEAR, ED/SF CLEAR, LONG COAT CLEAR, ( GCH CH MarJan's It's All in the Game MH X CH Pond Hollow Aspen)  Brucellosis test required  Contact: Val & Steve Jablonski.  1308 Covington Rd , Colonial Heights , VA   23834  Email: willowcreekchesapeakes @  Phone: 804-212-6453 (exp. 02/18)

(MD) ***ROCKY HOOKS GREAT SPIRIT QAA CB-10940E31M-VPI Hips EX CB-EL2754M31-VPI Normal, DM Clear (Lazy Mtn Piper's Revenge X Spirit of Westwind SH)  Available to approved females  Contact: Marston Jones.   , MD    Email:  Phone: 443-783-4945 (exp. 05/18)

(IA) GCHB LONGMEADOW CALL TO ARMS MH CGC “Cooper" OFA: CB- 9592G26M CHIC: 83809 CERF: CB-6167 clear PRA: CB-PRA50/43M normal DM: CB-DM 1066/33M normal EIC: CB-EIC 143/49M Clear Elbows: CB-EL1703M26 normal ED/SF: Clear ( Longmeadow Conowingo x Longmeadow Big Gun Powder)  Fresh, chilled and frozen semen available Negative Brucellosis required for natural breeding  Contact: Wendy Schwendeman.  23532 Ellington Avenue , Glenwood, IA  715-557-2140  Email:  Website:  Phone: 715-557-2140 (exp. 06/18)

(OK) (KS, OK)CH IRONSTONE 3-D 'S BLAZE OF THUNDER SH (Boom) Sedge, OFA Hips-Good, OFA Elbows-Normal, Eyes-Normal-Jan ’17, PRA-A, EIC-Clear, DM-Carrier (CH Chestnut Hills Chisum x GCH Pond Hollow Prairie Jewel JH)   Natural, Fresh chilled and soon will have frozen available. Brucellosis test required.  Contact: Skye Kreger Or Dennis Cox.   , Ponca City, OK    Email: or  Website: Ironstone Chesapeakes or 3-D Retrievers  Phone: (580)716-7594 or (620)388-2891 (exp. 09/18)

(OR) CH LONGMEADOW THINK DIFFERENTLY OFA Hips CB-11123F29M-VPI, ELCB-EL2920M29-VPI, DM Clear,Cardiac normal Patella Normal (GCH Chesabar's Mr Doots Mason RN CDX BN NSS winner X Longmeadow Nestle Big Powder)   At stud to approved bitches  Contact: Karen Marcotte.   , Central Oregon, OR    Email: DeCocoa Kennels  Phone: 541-350-9254 (exp. 11/18)

** has placed in licensed derbys or qualifying.
*** dog is qualified all-age field trial dog.

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