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"The purpose of this list is to provide an official
ACC forum and e-mail list for members of
the American Chesapeake Club."

NOTE: Only ACC members in good standing are eligible to join the list. Your membership will be verified prior to adding you to the list.

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ACC List Guidelines—Discussion List Format


The purpose of this list is to provide an official ACC forum and e-mail list for members of the American Chesapeake Club. One of the goals of this list is to provide a wider and quicker communication route for the announcement of regional and national events, and results of such events. Questions and discussions of pending Club policies may be directed to the appropriate ACC Officer, Board member or committee and for their response. Every effort will be made by the ACC Board of Directors to publish the official minutes of recent board meetings, discuss various issues facing our breed and our Club and projects that the ACC is working on. The President may also contribute messages on a periodic basis.

In fairness to offline ACC members, however, certain items cannot be posted prior to publication in the ACC Bulletin. Examples are:

  1. AKC judges seminar, with limited entries for dogs and owners, and mentors.
  2. Acceptance of entries for Westminster (no Internet entries are allowed from the MBF web site since that provides a distinct advantage to those people who can access it).

Additionally, please bear in mind that it may be inappropriate for ACC Board Members or Officers to discuss certain pending ACC business on this list.

Moderation and Censorship

Within the limits of the definitions below, the ACC list is unmoderated and uncensored.

  • mod·er·at·ed mod·er·at·ing mod·er·ates v. tr. 1. To lessen the violence, severity, or extremeness of. v. intr. 2. To act as a moderator.

  • cen·sor n. 1. A person authorized to examine books, films, or other material and to remove or suppress what is considered morally, politically, or otherwise objectionable.

Furthermore, all participants are reminded that their actions and posts should comply with the ACC Code of Ethics and that they are fully subject to the Guidelines and Disciplinary Procedures outlined below.

The ACC Electronics Committee shall act as overseers of all electronic communication mediums operated by the Club, including, but not limited to, the Club email list and web site.


The list will also serve as a source for answers to training, breeding, and historical questions with respect to the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. All posts are subject to the same guidelines as would be imposed by the Bulletin. This means that litter and dog for sale ads are permitted but are to comply with the guidelines of the Bulletin. With the exception noted in the preceding paragraph, NO advertising of any other type of products and/or services shall be posted to the list. Litter announcements shall be limited to one (1) announcement per litter only. If you have a brag on one of your dogs or if you have a heartbreaker with one of your loved ones, feel free to post it to the list, but EVERYONE ELSE please send your congratulations or condolences by private e-mail.

Individuals contributing to this list should be aware that their participation is similar to any recorded open public debate. Your exact words can be recalled by all participants and instantly and exactly repeated by and to your most severe critics. Those of you with limited debating experience or those having only had letters published in editorial columns may view this medium of the Internet as a telephone chat service. This often happens on e-mail lists, resulting in flame wars, with rapid escalation of arguments and strong emotions taking hold so that messages quickly deteriorate from a rational discussion.

It is not the purpose of the ACC list to host "flame wars". Membership is a privilege that has responsibilities that require subscribers to be more mature and serious about this breed. Should your actions or the content of your posts prove to be irresponsible and generate irrational controversy, personal attacks, libelous charges, subject the ACC to the possibility of civil action or any other outbreaks that interfere with the interchange of ideas and mature debate on this list, you shall be subject to disciplinary procedures as outlined in these guidelines.

Criticisms of Club policies or questions regarding the actions of elected ACC Officers and Directors is permitted, as these individuals should be held accountable for their actions while holding elected or appointed office, but only as long as that criticism is directed at a specific policy or action by an Officer or Board member. Disparaging personal terms or name-calling is not criticism and shall not be tolerated.

Posting and Forwarding of Material To or From the List:

The ideas, opinions and comments made on this list are those of the original author and not of the American Chesapeake Club, its Officers or Directors. Permission is expressly granted to forward items posted to this list to any ACC member in good standing, provided that the message is forwarded in its entirety, including headers, footers and that any material being quoted from another source is also included in its entirety as specified above. Reposting or dissemination to non-ACC members is expressly prohibited.

Do not post material appearing on other lists to the ACC list without first obtaining permission of the original author of the material. If someone complains to us that a list member has done this, that member may be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in these guidelines.

Members shall not forward posts to the ACC list from non-ACC members or forward messages from individuals whose ACC list privileges are suspended or revoked. Doing so shall subject that member to disciplinary procedures as outlined in these guidelines.

Also, do not forward private e-mail you have received, directly or indirectly, back to the list. This is a big "no-no" on the Internet. Private e-mail is expected to remain private.

Reminders: Be courteous to others on the list and considerate of their time. When replying to a post, be sure the subject line is appropriate, and quote whatever is necessary from the previous post. If there is even the slightest possibility that your post might be misinterpreted or that the material you are quoting might be taken out of context, be certain to include the full and complete copy of all the material your are quoting from or responding to. Use private e-mail if the post only applies to a few individuals. Keep personal messages in private e-mail. Please don't post messages that are directed at one individual on the list. Think about your reply. If your post is intended to be read by only one person, please send it to that one person.

It is human nature to want to respond instantly to a post that might be controversial in nature. However, please take the time to consider and measure your response before posting a reply to the list. Taking a personal "timeout" before posting your response to the list can go a long way toward avoiding hurt feelings and ill will. The list will still be operating in another twenty-four hours.

Basis of Posts:

The AMCHESSIECLUB List is the official list of the ACC. The ACC Code of Ethics is the basis for any and all posts. Remember that this list is for those who have the greater interest of the breed at heart. The ACC Code of Ethics reminds members to: "Always conduct yourself in a manner which will reflect credit on yourself and the breed. Refrain from public criticism or malicious degrading of others or their dogs".

Disciplinary Authority

The ACC Board of Directors has granted the ACC Electronics Committee complete authority regarding all matters concerning or arising from the ACC list and web site.

Disciplinary Procedure

If, in the majority opinion of the ACC Electronics Committee, a member posts material in violation of the above guidelines or the ACC Code of Ethics, it will send the posting member a private message stating the specific nature of the offending material and cautioning that member that should their posts continue in the same vein that they will be subject to stricter disciplinary measures. This message will be sent within 48 hours of the original post.

Upon the second offense, the ACC Electronics Committee shall send a second warning to the individual member, as above.

Upon the third offense, the offending member shall have their listing privileges immediately suspended for a period of time deemed appropriate by a majority the ACC Electronics Committee, but not less than thirty (30) nor more than one hundred and eighty (180) days, and a report documenting all three violations shall immediately be forwarded to the ACC Secretary for distribution to the Board.

Once a member’s suspension has been completed, they may request reinstatement of list privileges from the Electronics Committee. The Electronics Committee will then inform the list operators that the individual’s list privileges have been reinstated but that the individual’s posts must be forwarded for review to the Electronics Committee prior to posting on the list for a period of not less than thirty (30) nor more than sixty (60) days. The Electronics Committee shall establish their own process for reviewing these posts, but the Committee must complete reviews within twenty-four hours of receipt of the post. Full list privileges shall be restored following the review period.

Should another offense (fourth offense overall) occur following a first suspension, the individual shall be automatically suspended for a period of time at least twice as long as the first suspension.

Upon a subsequent reinstatement followed by another offense (fifth offense overall), the individual shall be suspended from all list privileges for a minimum of one (1) year.

Any subsequent suspensions shall be dealt with as described in the preceding paragraph.

These guidelines were approved by the ACC Board of Directors on May 29, 2000.

For additional questions contact the Electronics Committee.

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