American Chesapeake Club Bylaws

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To all ACC Members:  -  Above are the newly revised and adopted ACC Bylaws. There are some changes to the general format which will take some time to get used to, but follow the organization of California non-profit corporation law where ACC is incorporated. The revision includes a table of contents to make it more user-friendly, along with many improvements to benefit effective operation of the Club. Some changes were dictated by legal concerns and others by AKC, while still more resulted from member suggestions and analysis of practical problems that arose under the current Bylaws.

Following are some of the primary changes:


Replacing the outdated "family membership" is the new "household membership", providing for two full voting memberships instead of one. The cost of the household membership will be raised slightly to cover the cost of increased mailings for voting and related purposes, anticipated at $10 more than family membership dues. Cost benefit will be realized by families that have previously gotten two individual memberships, one for each adult. This provision works well for other dog clubs and we believe will serve ACC well. Each household will receive one Bulletin per issue. Each of the two adults in the household will have full rights and privileges of membership.

Honorary members will now enjoy all rights of membership including the right to vote, without having to pay dues.


All directors and officers will now be limited to (3) three consecutive one year terms in any one elected office.


There shall be (4) four officers. The previous (2) two positions of recording secretary and corresponding secretary have been combined into one "secretary" position. Although the current Bylaws allow for two secretaries, historically the Club has had only one. There were practical problems in using this option and AKC requested some revision here. There will now be (4) officers and (5) directors for a total board of (9), consistent with the way we have operated.

Language re: the President voting "on all matters on which members are entitled to vote..." has caused undue confusion in the past and has been deleted.


There are some changes here, expanding the nominating committee from (3) to (5) and providing for (3) alternates rather than (2). Furthermore, the nominations procedure has been revised and provides for publication of notice in the Bulletin inviting interested members to submit resumes for consideration by the nominating committee. We believe this will expand the opportunity for service, be more equitable to all members and benefit the Club.

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