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Officers and Committees

Along with the Board of Directors, the following Committees, Bulletin Contributors and Project Leaders make up the American Chesapeake Club's elected, appointed and volunteer leadership.  We thank each one of them for their time, effort and dedication to our breed and to our members.


Club Officers - until October 1, 2017
President Linda Harger, ID
Vice President Lynda Barber-Wiltse, AK
Secretary Tina Cox (MI)
Treasurer Gale Frana, TN
Board of Directors Ed Bahr, AL
Gary Boyce, MD
Jill Conroy, NY
Heidi Henningsen, NE
Betsy Horn Humer, VA


ACC Bulletin Managing Editor  -  Marty Smith, NJ
Bulletin Contributing Editors
Agility Ann Williscroft, FL
Field Trials Carol Knapp, CA
Health / Genetics Dr James Stewart, MD
Hunt Tests / Stories Pat Puwal, VA
Obedience / Rally / Tracking Lynda Barber-Wiltse, AK
Puppy / Older Dogs / Stud Ads Ann Law, NJ
Service / Therapy Dog, Historical Articles Joanne Silver, NJ
Show News / Junior Showmanship Gina Downin, MD
WD/X/Q Program Jane Pappler, NJ

ACC  Committee Chairs / Project Leaders

AKC Delegate                     Dr Tim Carrion, MD
AKC Gazette Breed Column Coordinator    Audrey Austin, CA
Breed & Club Information Referral ACC Website
Book Sales               Chris Beste, DE
Breeder’s  List Debra Rodden, NH
Bulletin Archivist (additional copies) Joanne Getchell, MA
Charitable Trust Diane Mazy, ID
Challenge Trophy - FTS (Field Trial Specialty) Carol Knapp, CA
Challenge Trophy - NSS (National Specialty Show)   vacant
Classified Ads Ann Law, NJ
Club Merchandise Stephanie Adelmann, MN
CRTA Liaison Julie Cole, CA
DUAL Awards Joanne Silver, NJ
Health Data Base Coordinator Deborah Rivas, PA
Historian, Archivist Johanna Coutu, RI
Historian Statistician         Dawn Logan, PA   
Judges Education Coordinator to the AKC Betsy Horn Humer, VA
Legislative Liaison Sharon Coleman, CA
Membership Chair Joanne Silver, NJ
National Animal Interest Alliance Liaison (NAIA)    vacant
Public Education Coordinator          vacant
RD Chair, East/Overseas       Pat Puwal, VA
RD Chair, West Sally Diess, OR
Rescue Coordinator Heidi Henningson, NE
Sunshine Julie Reardon, VA
Video Librarian Carol Cassity, FL
WD Program Chair       Jane Pappler, NJ
Website Manager Jane Pappler, NJ


ACC Standing Committees - Terms on committees may vary. All standing committees must include a Board Member. The Board Member is indicated by an *.  The date in () is the date the term expires.

Companion Events Committee
Chair-Doreen Palmer (CT)
*Jill Conroy (NY)
JoAnn Stancer (WI)
Laurea Griggs (GA)

Electronic Communication Committee (ECC)
Chair- George Makatura (NC)  
Ann Law (NJ)
Dawn Logan (PA)

*George Marthinuss (NC)
Deb Rivas (PA)

Field Trial Committee
Chair-Heidi Henningson (NE)
Tim Carrion  (MD)

Julie Cole     (CA) 

*Linda Harger       (ID)

Michael Moscowitz (CT)

Health Committee
Chair-Dr James Stewart, VMD (MD)
Julie Cole (CA)
Marlene Drag, DVM (MO)
Briedi Gillespie, VMD (ID)

*Betsy Horn Humer (VA)
Lois Wida (PA)  

Hunt Test Committee
*Chair- George Marthinuss (NC)
Dale Langhorne (ID)
Bob Louie (DE)   

Dina Perugini (ID)
Sharon Potter  (WI)

Judge and Breeder Education Committee  (JBEC)
Chair- JoAnn Colvin (NY)
 Kathy Heintel (OH)   
* Betsy Horn Humer (VA)
Mary Pemberton (AK)
Elizabeth Zboran (SC)

Lifetime Achievement Award Committee
*Ed Bahr (AL)
Chair- Mike Pickett (SC)

Carol Knapp (CA)
Pat Puwal (VA)
Joanne Silver (NJ)
Brenda Stewart VMD (MD)

Show Committee
Chair- Christy Gonzales (CA)
Dyane Baldwin (PA)

*Jill Conroy (NY)
Gigi Grant (ID)
Michelle Keehn (MI) 


Ad-Hoc Committees - These committees serve until the projects are completed at which time the committee is disbanded.  There are no term limits. All Ad-Hoc committees must include a Board Member. The board member is indicated by an *. Ad-Hoc Committees are not limited to 5 people.

Breed Rescue Service
*Chair- Heidi Henningson (NE)
Camille Druge (CA)
Cheri Glankler (ID
Linda Harger (ID)
Dina Perugini (ID)


Editorial Committee
Chair- Marty Smith (NJ)
*Lynda Barber-Wiltse (AK) 
Gina Downin (MD)
Carol Knapp (CA) 

Pat Puwal (VA)
Joanne Silver (NJ)

Illustrated Guide (IG) Evaluation
*Chair: Betsy Humer (VA)
Ron Anderson (MD)
Charlene Cordiero (CA)
Linda Harger (ID)
Gary Irish (MI)

Nominating Committee 201
Chair: Brett Crow (ID)
*Ed Bahr (AL)
Jim Batte (AL)
Karen Marcotte (OR)
Joyce Shaw (NJ)

Tom Cox (ID)
Mike Pickett (SC)
Linda Patterson (IL)


ROM  Program
*Chair-Lynda Barber-Wiltse (AK)
Linda Harger (ID)
Betsy Horn Humer (VA)
Annette Monugian (CA)
Doreen Palmer (CT)
Toni Raden (WI)

Become a Volunteer
- The club always needs your support.  Please feel free to print out the Volunteer Committee Application and support your club.

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*  Denotes this person is an ACC Board Member

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