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2017 Dates for ACC Supported Shows, Performance Events, Field Competitions
 and the ACC
National Specialty Show &
Field Trial Specialty

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January 28 & 29 Supported Show  Golden Gate Kennel Club, Daly City, CA   Chair: Peter Starr  Co-Chair: Stephanie Beach
February 25 Michigan Dock Diving Fun Day, TNT Dog Center, Midland, MI  Tina Cox, Michelle Keehn, Deb Rhodes
March 4 Supported Show  Maryland Sporting Dog Association, West Friendship, MD  Chair: Craig Larson
March 11 & 12 ACC Hunt Test     Cheraw, SC   Chair: Johnny Fogle  843-708-0462  
April 8 Supported Show  Saginaw Valley Kennel Club, Birch Run, MI   Chair:  Vivian DeRiemaker
April 8

Tennessee Chessie Fun Day  Greenback, TN  Contact:  Gale Frana

April 30 Supported Show  Fort St. Clair Kennel Club, Eaton, OH  Chair: Yvette Yoho
May 6 ACC Chessie Day  Cambria, WI  Chair: John & JoAnn Stancer 920-948-7738  Moch Hunt test, lure coursing & more
May 7 Supported Show  Trenton KC, West Windsor, NJ   Chairpersons: Stacy George and Marty Smith
May 20 Michigan CBR Club Supported Show, Genesee KC, Corunna, MI  Contact Dorene Irish  
June 3-4 Michigan Chessie Fun Weekend  Mayville, MI  Contact:  Tina Cox, Michelle Keehn
July 1 Supported Show  Bushy Run Kennel Club Nothmoreland Park, PA Chair: Marie Olson, Co-Chair: George Witkovich 
August 26

Supported Show  River Valley Cluster, Owensboro, KY  Chair: Brian Newman

September 1 Supported Show  Alamance Kennel Club, Raleigh, NC  Chair:  Dyane Baldwin
August 31-Sept 4

ACC National Specialty Show  Raleigh, NC  Chair:  George Makatura and Lois Schulz

September 16

Supported Show  St Clair Kennel Club, Goodels, MI  Chair: Michelle Keehn

October  24-26 ACC National Field Trial Specialty  Emporia, VA  Chair:  Scott Bergman
October 28 Michigan 4th Annual Fun Hunt  Mayville, MI and Bay area, Contact:  Tina Cox or Michelle Keehn
November 18

Supported Show  Kennel Club of Philadelphia, Oakes, PA  Chair: Betsy Horn Humer

November 25 Supported Show  Windham County Kennel Club, W. Springfield, MA  Chair: Barbara Healy and Fred Feins
December 2 National Capital CBR Club Specialty Show  West Friendship, MD   Chair: Nat Horn

"Chesapeake Events Around the Globe"

Click the International News page for full information, dates of activities, results and photos

Countries holding activities:  Austria, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden


ACC Show Specialty Rotation

  2016 - West  
     October 4-8   Portland, OR   Chair: Marilyn Williams                          
  2017 - East         Aug 31- Sept 4   Raleigh, NC   Chair: George Makatura  
  2018 - Midwest

ACC Field Trial Specialty Rotation
  2017 - East          October 24-26  Emporia, Virginia   Chair:  Scott Bergman
  2018 - West
  2019 - Central
  2020 - Mountain

To hold an Event, send your Requests to:
Trial Events:     Linda Harger
   Hunt Tests             
George Marthinuss
WD/X/Q:                  Jane Pappler

   Companion Events:   Doreen Palmer
   Regional Director Sponsored Events: Pat Puwal, RD Chair for East & Europe or Sally Diess, RD Chair West
   Shows - Show Committee Chair - Christy Gonzales

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