The Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Published by the American Chesapeake Club. The book was published in 1997, co-authored by a club members; Audrey Austin, Dyane Baldwin, Emelise Baughman, Mario Beauregard, Lorraine Berg, Janet Cole, Susan Cone, Sally Diess, Shirli Hayes, Eleanor Hill, Janet Horn, Betsy Humer, Les Lowenthal, and Mary Nelson; and edited by Dyane Baldwin. The book is 360 pages long with 14 chapters and includes over 190 black & white photographs. The cover art is a splendid color reproduction of an Alice Taylor Sharrock ( ) Chesapeake hunting scene.

Among the topics covered in The Chesapeake Bay Retriever are breed history, the breed standard and history of the standard, ACC history, the ACC RD and WD programs, Hunt Tests, Field Trials, Conformation events, obedience, tracking, CBRs as hunting dogs, Chesapeake Versatility, Junior Showmanship, and Chesapeakes in Other Countries. Also included are complete listings of all AKC titles from 1976 to 1995; all WD titles 1976 to 1995; results of ACC Field Trial and Show Specialties from 1976 to 1996 including previously unpublished statistics, a list of ACC Annual Trophy winners in field and obedience 1976-1995; Specialty Show and Junior Showmanship trophy winners; biographies of honorary club members, information on historic kennels, profiles of field champions and Best in Show winners plus a wealth of other CBR facts and statistics. (While every effort was made to avoid omissions on titles, etc., please inform the editor of any information that is missing or incorrect)

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